I want to THANK-YOU from the bottom of my heart for taking such great care of me throughout the legal process after the car accident. I knew I was in over my head when I realized the other driver was under-insured and my Med Pay was running out. I had never had to hire a lawyer in my 44 years of livin’ life, and was a bit nervous about it, but you all made it so nice! You are truly the best of the best! I am grateful. Not only were all my bills covered by this settlement, but we bought a new bed, which has helped me sleep immensely, and we have money to help toward ongoing treatment – what a relief! Take Care!

Cindy Huff

Ken Shepard handled my husband’s personal injury lawsuit with the utmost professionalism and expertise. It was obvious to us that Ken has not only extensive knowledge of the law but also practical experience and negotiating skills. When our lawsuit was settled, we were confident Ken had done everything possible on our behalf and had achieved the best possible result.

Susan Faresh

Shepard and Haven helped my wife and I through a very difficult case with a greater than expected outcome. We were amazed at their genuine concern for their clients well being during and after the case was finalized. Shepard and Haven is who we refer our closest friends and family to.

Brian and Lisa Wescott

I was in a car accident that clearly wasn’t my fault. My car was totaled but the other guy’s insurance company didn’t want to accept responsibility. I went to Ron with my case and he immediately took it on. I was stressed out, in pain and very confused. Ron was amazing in that he was able to calm my nerves and give me peace of mind by taking all of the stress of handling this off my shoulders. I started the medical care I needed and Ron took care of the rest. He fought tooth and nail for me and became more of a family member then an attorney. Ron is compassionate, caring and he insists on justice for his clients. At the end, I was the one who prevailed and the other guy’s insurance company lost! Thank you Ron, don’t know what I would have done without you.


I would like to thank you, and the Shepard and Haven team for helping me through my car accident, and subsequent injury. As I learned first hand, navigating these issues takes a dedicated expert, and that is what I found at Shepard and Haven. My phone calls and emails were always answered in a timely manner, and your updates were always appreciated. You guys really came through, and my family and I have a lifetime of gratitude for what you have done for us. Thanks again, and I will be sure to pass your name along at every opportunity.

Todd Dandeneau

My daughters case was not a very big one, and I knew it. However, we were treated like we were their most important client. Mr. Haven and his professionalism did exceed are first time experience in a lawsuit. I would highly recommend him to family and friends, and if needed would call upon his services again. Thank you The Law Office of Shepard & Haven! LWW

Sincerely,Whiteside Ohana

I would like to personally thank Mr. Shepard and his staff for how they handled my auto accident case. I was rear ended and suffered a cervical disc impingement. Mr. Shepard helped me find a phenomenal surgeon who replaced my disc. I am back to enjoying life. Had it not been for his knowledge, experience and skill, I would never have received the amazing medical care I did, despite having private insurance. His primary focus was helping me get better. He worked very hard for me, fought for me and handled my case with the utmost integrity and professionalism. As a result, I received a fair settlement that covered all my medical bills and loss of income, as well as an additional amount for pain and suffering. I cannot thank him and his staff enough for the support and peace of mind they provided during this very stressful time.

Thank You,Christina

Dear Ron,
I just wanted to “Thank You” for the way that you handled my injury case. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated the way you and your staff treated me with respect and care.

I knew if I phoned your office, if you were not available you would call me as soon as possible. This really meant a lot to me.
I also think that your secretary, Sherrie, and paralegal, Jess are also to be complimented.

I would never be afraid to recommend you to my family and friends. I immediately felt like I met a friend, not an attorney, and this is why I picked you.

Sincerely,Mrs. Joyce Rohrer

When faced with injustice Ron ensured that the truth did will out. Using superior skill and strategy Ron brought about a favorable outcome. He never lost sight of me as a person, and was fair and reasonable when accessing fees. When all seemed bleak Ron really saved the day.

William B

Shepard & Haven, specifically Mr. Ron Haven, represented me in pursuing my claim against Davey Tree Surgery Company in the “Fred’s Fire” incident.

I found the firm to be totally professional, pursuing my claim with integrity and honor. Mr. Haven familiarized himself with the facts in the case and the contentions of Davey to such extent that he was able to reach a just and very satisfactory settlement. The personnel in the firm were courteous and considerate, altogether resulting in a thoroughly satisfying experience.

Sincerely,Lawrence, Spencer

Ron, Thank YOU!!!!
If not for Ron Haven, I never would have gotten the new start after my accident. Insurance Companies do not want to pay what is right and fair, but having Shepard & Haven fighting for me made all the difference. I received a judgment of over $680,000 for my injured back and have been able to get the fresh start that I deserved. Thank you Shepard & Haven, my life has completely changed thanks to you.

Thank You,Zack Brush

Shepard And Haven Law firm (most specifically Ron Haven) was there for me from my accident to today. Ron took the time to walk me through every step of my case in laymans terms and still follows up with me today! Thank you Ron for fighting for me and my families future and for the great advice you gave after my case was settled! Everyone else on staff was courteous, professional and made me feel very comfortable throughout the entire process.

Richard Britton

In November 2007 I was involved in a vehicle accident. I walked into OS & H and they took my case right away.
They were so quick to answer questions and return my phone calls and were knowledgeable of the law and the medicine questions.

I would recommend OS & H to anyone in need of an attorney. My were they quick to settle my case but were friendly and professional every time.


Thank you for being such an amazing attorney. From the beginning you believed in me and fought for what was right. Through my (2) vehicle accidents you never backed down, and knowing that I could trust you with always “having my back” made this painful experience bearable.

Going against insurance companies isn’t an easy task but you and your team conquered it! I hired an attorney and ended with a Family member.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sincerely,Kristel Martin

My experience with the law office of Shepard & Haven is a follows;

I received a low back disc injury from a rear end collision while I was stopped at a stop sign. Because of this accident I have been living with chronic pain which sometimes is overwhelming. I found Ron Haven and his staff to be courteous, attentive, professional, genuinely concerned and committed as a client. No matter what circumstance arose Mr. Haven gave honest, practical legal advice. He guided me through a long and daunting legal process and was spectacular in court. Mr. Haven was able to secure a significant jury award for me. I am very grateful to “Ron” for his sincere compassion and skilled legal assistance during one of the most challenging times in my life.

Julie Crooks

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