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The lawyers at The Sacramento, California Law Offices of Shepard & Haven have more than 35 years each of experience helping clients in need of legal representation in the field of catastrophic injuries. Catastrophic injuries are a field of the most extreme cases where some clients need around-the-clock care and ceaseless personalized attention. Even the tiniest detail must be treated with great consideration – for a patient’s life is often at stake. One missed detail could easily result in death.

Attorneys Ronald R. Haven and Kenneth B. Shepard are the attorneys whom these life-and-death clients have trusted to fight for their lives. In catastrophic injury cases, there are two basic types of fights:

  1. One is the fight for the client’s daily existence; to stay alive as the brave medical professionals assist them and take care of the clients around the clock, 24 hours a day. Beds need to be turned frequently so that bed sores don’t form. Catheters need to be emptied and cleaned. Conditions must be kept germ free and sanitary. Uncountable details must be tended to.
  2. The other type of fight is the legal “fight,” for lack of a better word. If a young man of 30 was injured in a car accident and he lost his ability to walk, to use his arms, to go to the bathroom, or take care of even the most basic functions that most of us take for granted, it takes money – and lots of it – projected well into the future – to take care of this patient. And who do you suppose fights for the money for this young man and others like him? His attorneys. His attorneys sit down with the insurance companies, as well as all other responsible parties who have contributed to his “disability,” as well as accountants, life planners, medical experts and others who ultimately calculate the amount of money it will take to keep this young man alive and as healthy as possible over the course of his future. That is the job that goes on behind the scenes on a day to day basis with Attorneys Haven and Shepard, who, by the way, each have more than 35 years of experience in this field of work. Why do they do it? Because they love helping the people who need it the most.

Types of Catastrophic Injuries

Loss of Eyesight:

What can be more devastating to any human being than to lose their beloved eyesight? The eyes are responsible for helping us navigate our way through this already puzzling world. It is unfathomable to live a life without eyes. Who can possibly prepare anyone for the loss of their eyesight?  And, what possible price are your eyes worth? A million dollars? A billion dollars? The reality is that there simply is not enough money in the world to value the eyes. Attorneys Haven and Shepard will fight to the end to make sure that the insurers pay the absolute maximum amount of money possible for your eye injury. This would also include:

  • money for job training and classes
  • possibly a new house so the injured would be able to easily navigate inside of it
  • the latest technology possible to keep the individual “wired” to new devices that could possibly give him or her their sight back
  • computer training


When an individual suddenly finds that they are unable to move – that they are locked into their body, the feeling must be far worse than being locked in a jail cell. And yet, these brave people must go on in with their lives. Many do it, and many ultimately find happiness and lead a life which is as close to normal as possible. Through the use of the most current medical techniques, combined with personalized attention and strong willpower, paralyzed individuals find the strength to continue on in life – bravely and humbly. It is the job of the attorney to make sure that there are enough funds to take care of the individual for the rest of their life. The attorneys, Ronald R. Haven and Kenneth B. Shepard, use the most capable accounting experts and software programs, along with life extension planners  and medical experts to make sure during negotiations with the insurance companies, or during court arguments, that they are fighting for the correct amount of money necessary to live a long, fruitful life.


Paraplegia affects the lower legs and extremities. A paraplegic is able, fortunately, to use their hands. They are able to take care of the very basic things in life that give them a sense of independence and well-being. Paraplegics play sports such as basketball and hockey. They race marathons, they partake in The Special Olympics, they maintain “normal” jobs to the extent that they are able to. Still, they need legal representation for their personal injury lawsuit against the negligent party who caused the situation, whether it was a drunken driver, a hit and run driver or just an unfortunate accident such as a defective product.


Quadriplegia is paralysis of all four limbs and often the torso. Typically, a paraplegic has a severe spinal cord injury and has limited mobility. Through breathing tubes that gives commands to motorized wheelchairs, mobility is possible. New research takes place daily and new advancements occur frequently. Quadriplegics are generally bound to their wheelchairs. Another name for quadriplegia is tetraplegia.

Broken Bones:

Broken bones can result in extreme impairment. If the spinal cord is broken, full or partial paralysis may result. Broken bones, on the other hand, frequently do heal and partial and mostly full recoveries are not unusual. This requires strength conditioning, daily workouts, willpower and a great deal of inner strength.


When a bodily part such as an arm or a leg is surgically or otherwise removed from the body, the individual must learn to function with their other remaining body parts. Like all the subheadings preceding this, it requires great strength of body and mind to continue on in life with an amputation. Interestingly, amputees are often considered the lucky ones, because they are often able to wear prosthetic limbs to make them look – and feel – as whole and real as possible.

Serious Burns:

Serious burns often require years and years of surgeries and skin grafts. The burn patient must endure unbearable pain. They must constantly be on the lookout for infection. Their bodies must be kept antiseptically clean to avoid new areas of danger. Some skin graft recipients must experience them for the remainder of their lives. It takes great courage to survive a serious burn.

Brain Damage:

The individual who experiences brain damage, or traumatic brain injury, is often confined to their bed. They may be able to walk under certain circumstances. It has been said that it is common for those who suffer from serious brain damage to ultimately attempt suicide, as there is so much depression involved in a typical brain damage case. This is a most unfortunate experience. A “brain-dead” case is one who may remain in a “vegetative state” for a period of days, weeks, months, years or forever. Unfortunately, in many brain damage cases there may be little, if any, hope for recovery. But there is always hope for the eternal optimist. Please contact our Sacramento traumatic injury attorney to get legal help.


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