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Traumatic brain injury results in sudden damage to the brain, often during a car accident when the head is thrust forward – and then possibly backwards – resulting in extreme pressure, damage and shock to the brain as it collides with the front, rear and sometimes sides of the inner skull. Brain injury has been defined as an actual altered state of motor, sensory and cognitive change. If you were injured in an incident in which your brain was literally placed at risk, it is advisable to get tests so that you will be able to measure your progress or deterioration as the years pass.

Damages for Negligent Conduct

If a truck struck your car from the rear, causing your head to thrust forward and then backward, it will have created a very dangerous situation for your brain and all the cells in your skull. Normally known as a concussion, this situation can cause permanent damage in:

  • Sight
  • Memory
  • Retention
  • Color recognition
  • Nerve damage
  • Can ultimately cause permanent memory loss

Damages – Who is Liable?

More and more National Football Players are suing the NFL for abuse, based on the repetitive motion of hitting head first into helmets, bodies, and during practice, into lightly protected pilings. The coach sits on top of these pilings and orders the players to hit harder and harder. Ultimately, concussions result. Several NFL players have committed suicide in the past few years due to what they described as a “frazzled, confused, cloudy” state of mind. Football players have joined together in unions and it remains to be seen who will be liable and for how much. Damages may include hospital and medical expenses, medical testing, rehabilitation, pain and suffering, lost income, additional income based on shortened career, loss of consortium, loss of enjoyment of life, and other categories.

Sacramento Brain Injury Lawyer for Head Concussions – Free Consultation and No Fees Unless We Win

The Sacramento Law Offices of Shepard & Haven offers a free initial consultation to discuss your case. If you suspect that you need medical treatment for your past injuries, Shepard & Haven can help you along the way. If there is a party who is culpable and responsible for your head injuries, it is advisable to speak only to your attorney at this point until the case is further investigated. To schedule a complimentary case review, contact Shepard & Haven Sacramento personal injury attorney at 916-877-9443. Each of our Sacramento brain injury attorneys has decades of experience in this area.

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