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Have you or a family member been injured in a Marysville car, truck, motorcycle, pedestrian, bicycle, or boat accident; tripped or slipped and suffered a serious injury on some else’s property? Have you or has someone in your family been hurt while using a consumer product, medical device, or drug in the manner that was intended? Has your child suffered an injury at birth because of something a doctor nurse did improperly? There are many ways that you or someone you love can be hurt by someone else’s action—or inaction. If you’ve been hurt and it’s someone else’s fault, in many cases you are entitled to recover money as compensation for the losses you’ve suffered as a result, whether those losses are physical, psychological, emotional, or financial.

The Right Attorney for Your Injury

When you’ve been harmed by someone else’s wrongdoing, your very best resource to learn about your legal options is a highly skilled Marysville personal injury and wrongful death attorney. Your first choice in Northern California should be the Shepard & Haven law firm.

Experience Counts

Kenneth Shepard and Ron Haven have each been practicing law for 35 years. We practice personal injury and wrongful death law—day in and day out. We know the many intricacies of this special area of law. We know the statutes and how the courts interpret them. We know insurance companies and understand the tactics they use to attempt to deny valid claims. We know this because we both put in time as insurance defense lawyers, and we now use that knowledge to block their attempts to deny or diminish our clients’ claims. We only practice personal injury law, and we only represent the injured.

Justice for the Injured; Accountability for the Wrongdoer

We are motivated by two important principles: justice for the injured, and accountability for the wrongdoer. If you have been injured and it was someone else’s fault, isn’t it only fair that the at-fault person should pay? You’ve already suffered for their error or deliberate wrongdoing simply by being hurt. Should you and your family also suffer financially by having to pay medical bills for an injury that someone else caused? Should you suffer long-term pain or disability without compensation when the injury was someone else’s fault? We think not.

If you’ve been injured because of someone else’s careless, negligent, or deliberate wrongful act, the lawyers at Shepard & Haven want to talk to you. We can help, and we welcome the opportunity to meet you and discuss your case. We will investigate fully the circumstances surrounding your accident, identify everyone who might share in the liability for your injury, and when necessary, will hire top experts to assist with the analysis of the accident and your damages and to testify on your behalf.

Start Now to Protect Your Right to a Recovery

California law places time limits—statutes of limitations—on when you can file a claim. If you miss the statutory filing date for your law suit, you can lose your right to pursue a recovery. Call Shepard and Haven today to schedule your consultation in Marysville, to ensure that you are not risking your rights by waiting too long.

Pay Only if You Win

The consultation is free, and because we take injury cases on a contingency fee basis, you’ll pay us absolutely nothing—ever—unless we win a monetary recovery for you.

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